Sharp Shopper

Sharp Shopper is an easy way to quickly and accurately document your shopping lists. Simply create a shopping list, add items and you’re ready to go shopping with Sharp Shopper. Sharp Shopper also includes a handy product comparison feature that accurately calculates and compares two similar products to determine the best value. Key Features of Sharp Shopper include product comparisons, a user-friendly interface, multiple list support and E-Mail list support.


Tipsee Tip Calculator is an easy and effective way of calculating a tip after dining. Simply enter the Total Bill Amount, Taxes, Tip Percentage, Number of People Dining and select Calculate to calculate the Tip and Bill. It’s that easy! Tipsee Tip Calculator quickly and accurately generates tips and splits bills.
Key Features of Tipsee Tip Calculator include application skins, fast and accurate calculations, a user-friendly interface, portrait and landscape orientation support and multi-language support (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish).